Psychotherapeutic CounsellING

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Psychotherapeutic Counselling offers an opportunity to develop a deep relationship between Counsellor and client, to allow for the exploration of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

We can process the challenges and experiences that are holding you back and work at your pace to explore options for personal growth.

The therapeutic relationship between Counsellor and client is the key to understanding what has previously seemed overwhelming or insurmountable, and the foundation for facilitating change.

Sean Moon -  Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in Eastbourne
Psychotherapeutic Counselling
£50 per hour
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Psychotherapeutic Counselling offers a dedicated space to talk, to be heard, to relate and to make sense of the past and the present.


People come to counselling for many different reasons, and with a wide variety of aims.


Some people want support through a difficult time in their life, maybe bereavement, or trauma, depression or anxiety.


Some people want to change a particular behavioural or relational pattern or to develop a greater understanding of themselves.

If you feel you would benefit from talking confidentially about any challenges you might be experiencing, whatever they might be, please get in touch with me for more information or to book in an initial consultation.